if you want, you’re free to draw sunny!he’s a wyllop

his design is a bit unremarkable unfortunately but he’s like the only subeta pet i’ve drawn not-button-size. there’s these guys too if you feel like picking your own, though!

hey there sweet, i’m sorry it took so long! but here you go. C: i took a hand at sunny uvu and also the precious little sheepie babe because i couldn’t hack out colours this time. (not too confident on digital anymore either, sigh.)

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Tagged: #neowae #subeta #wyllop #whatever the fucking sheep is called #devonti #??? #it's been forever since i was on subeta sigh #but yeah here you go! #i'm gonna put them all in one big photoset when i can #art on tuesday #which is now the tag i will use for art not on my artblog
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